Friday, April 23, 2010

Crisis of the Vain

Its been 3 crazy weeks of work, work, and more work. But guess what folks? Its not over. I have 4 finals, a quiz, a presentation, an article critique and a review document to create--most of which will be occurring in the next 5 days. My brain has atrophied from all the critical thinking. I don't think this is a permanent condition, because the whole point of graduate school to learn more and be smarter, right?

Anyway, the real issue I am having right now is all I have to show for my toils are bad hair and lots of clothes that don't fit. My pants are all too big; to the point where I can pull them off of me with out unbuttoning or unzipping them. This is nice for sure from a vanity and possibly health perspective***, but as a former shopaholic and current poor student it blows. All of my clothes are now baggy and I have ZERO $$$ MONIES to buy things that fit. And then there is my hair. I've been so busy that I don't really do much with it. I do acutally blow dry it, but then I don't care to spend the time to straighten out the waves. So I end up with a mushroom shaped fro thing happening. Only adding to the rotund look I feel like I am rocking. Granted I am growing it out, really....big bad hair and baggy clothes. I look like I need a makeover. Stacy and Clinton where are you with my $5000 shopping spree?

***While I have been carrying some extra pounds the last few years, a diet of coffee, vending machine cupcakes and Panera bread broccoli cheese soup cups, alternated with stress anorexia is not a recommended weight loss plan.